At Molino’s

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Because of my course load this quarter, I am literally constantly reading stories— whether they are student written for my upper division fiction class OR just in the form of a brief for my legal writing/moot court class. BUT those don’t photograph well so alas here’s an old picture from my favorite downtown riverside coffee spot and the books I’ve been reading for those respective classes!! Gotta say, my creative writing professor assigning us a literary magazine to read and report lowkey changed my life because after readying @tin_house every week, I think its gonna become a life routine— the short stories in there are so! good! Just as good as a Molino’s breakfast croissant! Also my own story that I submitted for the class this quarter was received very well, which was super encouraging. I’m in a super creative and motivated headspace right now, but trying to figure out how my two interests will reconcile with each other in law school. We’ll see!! (via Instagram)

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