Bookstore Adventures in Greece

hello fellow reader friends! school is fully back in session and ya girl is dying slowly— not just because of the ridiculous workload I signed myself up for but also because I have a solid 15 books sitting on my bookshelf just waiting to be read that I’m not getting to any time soon. In other news though my bff Judy is traveling Greece right now and came across this beautiful little bookshop in Oia which I wish I could check out with her!!!! Here’s some pics she took of it, as well as some pics of this village itself because it’s all too beautiful and I just gotta share! I told Judy about how Taylor left a comment to see the inside of the bookstore and the girl went BACK to take more pictures for my bookstagram!!! What a true friend! Here’s some pictures of the inside/entrance of the beautiful Atlantis Books in Oía, Santorini, Greece. (Picture Credits: Judy Tran) (via Instagram)


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