Girl In Translation

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In other news, my favorite read as of lately has been Girl In Translation by Jean Kwok! if you don’t know, I’ve always been interested in understanding and reading more about sweatshop labor and labor struggles in general, and this story addresses all that head-on. though written as a work of fiction, Kwok actually did immigrate from Hong Kong to Brooklyn, where she worked in a sweatshop to help support her family throughout her youth before eventually attending Harvard and getting her MFA at Columbia! People in this country often think sweatshop labor is a third world issue and far removed from us, but that’s most certainly not the case— and this book is a poignant remind of just that. Anyway, main point of this post is that book is a 10/10 recommend. I devoured the entire story within a couple hours after I really got into it, and still feel such an attachment to the main character, even after a few hours of putting it down. Great great GREAT read! (via Instagram)

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