Essential Reading for Labor Day Weekend

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Happy #LaborDay! While it’s a lovely day off to sit around, read, and relax– it’s incredibly important to remember the American labor movement and the contributions unions and workers have made to this nation with their collective power! These were all books that I read for a class on labor and globalization this past year in college where we delved deep into the study of workers, unions, transnational alliances, and the future of of our economy as it pertains to those factors. Workers rights are human rights, and while I’ve come to realize the hard truth that there’s really no ethical consumption under capitalism, it is important to remember the workers that toil over the things that we use every day and remember that advocating for their well-being and proper treatment is crucial to global success.

When the Rana Plaza factory fire happened in Bangladesh, that’s the first time I truly became aware of the horrors that exist in the garment industry– the fact that there are an endless amount of sweatshops and workers BOTH here and abroad that are suffering to produce our favorite clothes at bottom line prices. And ever since then, I’ve tried to become as aware and educated as I can on the industry and on what we as consumers can do to help. An organization that I found and have really come to admire in regards to the garment and fashion industry specifically is @fash_rev, a global movement calling for increased transparency, sustainability, and ethics in the fashion industry. Highly suggest you check it out if you want to know more about workers rights on that front– and highly suggest that we all take a moment to look into our local/regional/state unions, to take a look at the products we use most and remember there were human lives at the other end of them, to #read up on workers rights, and try to do as much as we can to help! Workers are still fighting for some basic rights out here, and this Labor Day I’m committing to doing whatever I can to help. (via Instagram)

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