Stop giving Donald Trump chances to redeem himself because he’s never going to

Why are we still surprised that Donald Trump is an asshole? Why do we still hold out hope that at some point, he will become presidential? That something he will do will redeem him from all of the scandals, bigotry, sexism, corruption, and general bullshit he’s done, and the world will go back to spinning normally again. I mean, part of me does understand why, we’re hopeful creatures just hoping for the best in the world.

But that’s wrong and misguided of us, and it’s wasting our time.

Because the longer it takes us to realize that we’ve elected a man into office who will continue to corrode the progress and peace of this country with every day he still has power; the longer it takes us to realize that even though we’re a fucked up nation with fucked up roots we will never be able to erase, that doesn’t mean the most wicked of us deserve wide political representation; the longer it takes us to realize that our shock and condemnation doesn’t have enough force to change a man who doesn’t care about the general American public; the longer it takes to see all of this, the longer we’ll be stuck in this exact same position.

From even before his campaign, there’s nothing about Trump’s history or personality that lends evidence to him eventually being able to redeem himself and do what’s right. When we take a look at the culmination of just a handful of things he’s done, he’s never once showed the capacity to change himself for the better or do what’s right or, at the most basic level, simply not do what is not right.

In fact, from coming into the political scene by championing a movement that discredited out first Black president (something that should’ve been a dead giveaway to us all that this guy has a serious problem with race); to announcing a campaign on hate and division, to calling ‘grab ’em by the pussy’ simple locker room talk; to ignoring the avalanche of evidence of his misogyny, sexual assault, and general creepiness until it just went away (how did that alone not ruin his chances? America doesn’t care about it’s women?); to calling his competitors in the primary childish names and dirty insults (until they dropped out and did what he wanted them to do); to hiring the literal worst and most unqualified people for every single cabinet position; to firing Sally Yates, Preet Bharara, James Comey; to the entire clusterfuck that is the scandal with Russia (Again, how did this not alone get him immediately removed!?); to constantly inciting racist and xenophobic violence among his supporters; to condemning both sides in Charlottesville when violence broke out after white supremacists walked the UVA campus with tiki torches over the proposal of taking down a Confederate statue (so I guess neo-nazis and Americans fighting neo-nazis are both equally bad? cool.); to not properly handing the first major natural disaster crisis of his presidency (he went to Texas and said, ‘Wow, look at this turnout’ to the people seeking refuge in the center, I’m….); to literally so! much! more! that I missed because I was just doing this off the top of my head.

Our president has passed the threshold of not being worthy of his position by a long shot, and our continued condemnation seems to have no effect in improving the situation. So while we continue to condemn his actions of bigotry, corruption, or plain stupidity, we need to find a new and more effective route to voice our concern– getting him kicked out of office. And the best way I see this happening is by using the institution against him. Call out Republican leaders in the Congress and Senate and hold them accountable for the Trump administration. Remind them of the future they have left in their jobs after this Trump is finally gone and voters will need somewhere to place the blame for everything that’s happened. If their constituency is primarily Trump territory, remind them of how sick and disappointing it will be to get written into the wrong side of history. If they’ve so far been cautiously quiet or just barely critical (I’m looking at you, Paul Ryan), they’ve been completely useless at their job of protecting America’s interests– because if you haven’t noticed? America’s reputation, the thing that makes us a supposed world power, has gone to shit since November 8th.

Come on all y’all with power, let’s start those impeachment talks, buddies. Let’s go go go. 

Along with that, it’s crucial that Democrats actually listen to their constituents this yearJust like we saw with the success of Bernie Sanders in the last election and the consequent reaction to Hillary being forced as the nominee, Democrats are not going to be winning any time soon unless they cultivate a diversity of representatives and voices within the party. It’s not going to matter when we kick Donald Trump out if we can’t rally around the people who will take over next.

So look, the main point here is that we need to impeach our president. Electing someone with a lack of understanding in domestic, foreign, and economic affairs, as well as a complete misunderstanding of the history of our nation to the highest position of power in our country has proven to be a terrible mistake (just like most of us knew it would be), and the madness that comes with every day of the Trump administration isn’t going to end until we kick him out.

So giving him the chance to redeem himself, and kick him the fuck out.

Thanks for stopping by,

Shiggy (2)



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