Let’s Talk Numbers.

In case you were curious, these are the important numbers I’ve been keeping in mind on the #JourneytoaJD*:

180: the highest possible score on the LSAT; about .01% of test takers each test manage to get this score; translates to about 99.9th percentile; my sweet and loving but slightly misguided parents still think I have a shot at this score if I study hard, and that’s honestly very sweet of them.

170: the score goal I set for myself; ‘170 or bust!’ is a reference to this (because duh, what else could it be!); around 97th percentile; could open doors and opportunities to some school by quite a margin; still ridiculously difficult— but it’s a goal I made and intend to keep.

147: the score I got on my first ever practice test; 33rd percentile. see also: ‘yikes’ gif

23: the number of points I resolved to improve after taking my 1st practice test (that’s 170-147=23, ta-da)

11: the number of points my Blueprint class, on average, guarantees for an increase. see also: ‘stressed’ gif

$2.95: the amount of money I spend on iced coffee nearly every day at this point because I feel like it motivates me to study, and I need as much motivation as I can get.

158: the score I got on my 2nd ever practice test; an overall 11 point increase from before!; the source of a lot of happiness and hope for a hot minute. see also: the score I got on my 3rd ever practice test as well; the root of my fear that my score could very well just stagnate.

153: the score I got on my 3rd ever practice test; a score (which was honestly a product of some really bad vibes I was harboring, little preparation, too much coffee, and an abundance of stress) that I really took to heart and languished over for a while; the score that made me rethink this path for a hot minute; the score that eventually caused me to get over myself, focus on my strengths and weaknesses, and drill down on anything and everything I was not 100% on.

160: the score I got on my 4th practice test (aka today); a score that pretty accurately reflected the hours of studying I put into logical reasoning with a significant(!) improvement in my accuracy; a score that made me realize a lot of important things about routine (like, don’t get an iced coffee in the morning because it’ll make you too jittery, take some time to get ready and dress up for the test because you’ll feel more confident, actually eat a snack during your 15 break otherwise you’ll loose focus when it matters, bubble in as you answer each question because you always mess up when you fill in the bubbles at the end, go with your first instinct if you can’t be convinced otherwise because you’re wrong literally 90% of the time you change your mind, and etc.)

20: the number of days until September 16th; days to get my score up 10 points

5: the number of lessons I have left in my Blueprint course to soak up all the resources and techniques that they have left to offer!

1: the number of how many official practice tests I have left before the real deal.

So, while I know that the increase from 80th to 90th percentile will be much harder than it was to come from 33rd to here, I’m not giving up on #170orBust. I’ve come to realize that the key to passing this test successfully isn’t something innate that I’m lacking or can’t practice or will never make up for– it’s literally just being able to recognize assumptions, flaws, deductions, and consequences more efficiently and accurately than usual– less daunting than you’d think! So with a couple more days and a lot more practice drills, I do believe that at some point I’ll be able to come close to or beat my goal. But of course, please oh please if you reading this, still send some positive vibes and prayers ya girl’s way because I’m going to need all the luck and well wishes that I can get.


Shiggy (2)


*It sounds vaguely reminiscent of a wedding hashtag because I’m probably going to marry my career, haha, get it? Alright bye.

P.S.: On a completely unrelated note, today I met up with my high school friend Sumayya (s/o to you girl!!!!) who told me she actually keeps up with my blog and it made my heart swell! So if there’s more of you silent but loyal followers out there who keep up with my blog, then feel free to let me know!! it’ll make my day!! Anyway bye, thanks for reading!


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