The Liebster Award

Wow, my first one of these! Thank you to Momo from Remnants of Wit for nominating me– she has an amazing and super entertaining blog about life, literature, and philosophy, and she’s always leaving thoughtful comments on other people’s posts! Truly a great blogger friend to have, so check her out!


1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs (with under 200 followers).
5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
6. Give them 11 questions to answer.


Questions from MoMo:

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?

Definitely the one horse-sized duck! It’d be easier to focus all my energy on one thing– but I know eventually me and the big ol’ ducky would come to a consensus and become fast pals.

What is the last book you read that made you cry?

I don’t really cry during books! In fact, I don’t cry when I’m supposed to– like when it’s the saddest part of the movie or when people are leaving for a long time or someone just passed away. Instead, I cry randomly at well-crafted P&G commercials when Olympians are praising their moms– swear to God that shit gets me everytime. But if I had to pick a book where I came close, it’d be while re-reading The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri.

What is an achievement you’re proud of?

I don’t know if this counts as an achievement, but just the fact that not getting an opportunity has never slowed me down. Each time something has gone wrong in my path, I’ve been able to redirect my energy, do something new, and grow tremendously as a human being. No singular achievement of mine can really beat that!

Cake or pie?

Cake. Moist chocolate cake.

 What’s your favorite pizza topping?


If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I wish I didn’t get so in my head all the time! Whenever I get too happy or things are going to well, I start to psych myself out and psychoanalyze myself, my life, my friends, my experiences and then I’m falling down a rabbit hole of trying to figure myself out when I should just be living life and letting things happen!

If you could ride any dinosaur (and it wouldn’t try to eat you), what dinosaur would you choose?

Brontosaurus! No particular reason, they were just my favorite dinosaur when I was younger.

Tell us about something you did that was really dumb.

I was about 8-9 years old and was really bored and started cutting off strands of my hair safety scissors to the point where I had a bald spot on top of my head for a couple of months! That’s when I had to let go of consistently parting my hair down the middle, smh.

Why did you start your blog?

I actually started it because it’s the summer and I got really into the YouTube book blogging community and knew that while I’m not that amazing at speaking to a camera and vlogging, I do have a passion to write! But when I turned this space from my online portfolio to a blog, I realized that I didn’t just want to review books all the time but instead wanted to start a positive habit of writing a little bit everyday. With a little more blogging experience under my belt now, I want to make this a blog about my life, identity, goals, and favorite things but definitely also some fiction and non-fiction pieces in the mix eventually! Stay tuned for that!

Do you consider yourself to be organized?

An organized mess. I love the idea of organization and having my life together, and in many aspects I do! I’m on the right track of what I want to do in life, I have an impeccably clean desk, I’m in love with my planner, etc– but when it comes to everything that not related to my future or my goals, I’m a small disaster zone.

Do you tend to overthink things?

YES. Like I said before, the whole being too in my head thing is seriously ridiculous. With all the extra overthinking and psychoanalyzing I do, I might as well have just applied for a psychology minor because sometimes I’m truly just too much! And usually it’s all for nothing, and I realize that and I cool down and everything will be cool for a couple hours or days or a week– but then like clockwork, something else will sure enough set it off again.

Random 11 facts about me: 

  1. My name, Shigufa, means blossoming flower in Arabic.
  2. I’m very proud to be Bangladeshi-American.
  3. I’m honestly obsessed with Twitter, and won a ‘Twitter Famous’ superlative during my last sorority formal.
  4. I actually got my IB diploma after torturing myself for 4 years in high school attempting to get it! (Did anyone care about it after I left high school though??? Spoiler alert: no.)
  5. I feel personally offended when people tell me that they prefer boneless wings over traditional wings…. like, what you mean? You mean, you like chicken nuggets?
  6. I was so obsessed with Harry Potter, and especially the Marauders Era, when I was younger that I used to participate in roleplays on Tumblr where you’d pretend you were a certain character (I was a fantastic Rita Skeeter) and then interact with other characters, create storylines, and basically write fanfiction together. (I used to be super embarrassed of this part of my life until about a week ago.)
  7.  When I was younger, I first wanted to be a princess, then an architect, then a writer, then a chemist, then a journalist, and now finally, a lawyer. (But communications and media will always have a little place in my heart).
  8.  All I wanted in high school was to be promposed to with a basket of cajun fries because they were (are) my favorite food and I told everyone just to make sure. But instead, my date was a random classmate who asked me with a serenade and a single chocolate doughnut. The serenade was cute so he’s forgiven.
  9.  My favorite colors are maroon and teal, I want everything I own to be in those two colors.
  10.  I love getting involved in new opportunities and organizations, I love learning and growing and feeling like my time matters! Along with that, talking about planners or resumes or new jobs or internships gets me hyped like nothing else!
  11. In the four colors personality test, I’m a super blue. If you know what that means, great, you know a little bit more about why I am the way that I am! If you don’t, take the quiz.

And now I nominate:

Female Anonymous
Quare Quam
The Fithing
And since I’m a new blogger who seriously doesn’t follow that many people, I’m gonna nominate you too! You, reading this post right now! I know it might feel like I don’t mean it and you should just skip past this and not do it but 1) rude and 2) I seriously mean it! I’m all for growing my blogging networking circle so by all means please participate, reach out, and let’s grow!

My questions for you are:

  1. If you had one day left in this world, how would you spend it?
  2. What do you love for breakfast?
  3. What is the first thing you notice about people?
  4. Do you have any special talents?
  5. What was the last book you read?
  6. Have you ever met a famous person?
  7. What is your motto in life?
  8. If you had one day in your life to live over, which would you choose and why?
  9. What was the last thing you ate?
  10. Give me the names of 3 objects or things you dislike most and why?
  11. Boneless wings or traditional?

And that’s all for me! Again, thank you for nominating me MoMo, and I look forward to seeing all my followers participate and answer these questions if they can! (#11 is seriously a deal breaker for me). Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog!


Shiggy (2)



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