Why the Passion Planner can, and will, change your life

Focus (n): the center of interest or activity.

I’m an unabashed Passion Planner fan. I use mine religiously (going about 3 years strong now). I rave about it online. I rave about it in person. I rave about it so much that if someone deemed me ‘the Passion Planner girl’, I wouldn’t be surprised. My love for this planner is so pronounced, that it’s also my 3rd term as a Passion Planner rep! I’ve gotten nearly all of my friends to convert to being part of the #pashfam (it’s probably my 10% off coupon code that’s the most convincing). I talk about this thing literally all the time— but I can’t help it!

In fact, the only reason my love for this planner is so intense and so devoted is because this product works. I swear, this planner has shaped me into a better, goal-oriented human being. I’ve honestly thrown myself into the passion planning lifestyle, and come out a more well-rounded and organized human being. And I truly believe it can do the same for everyone! These are the 3 reasons why:


1. Real talk? You and your Passion Planner will become soulmates.

So look, I’m a planner kind of girl. I’ve invested in many different kinds– Lily Pulitzer, Moleskin, Mead, Day Designer, May Designs, At-A-Glance, Brit +Co.– nearly everything out there. And what I found was that whether it was cute graphics or no graphics, a detailed weekly spread or a small one, a cute cover or a plain one– there was nothing that made me want to keep planning and staying organized.

And let’s be real here, unless you are crafty or artistically gifted or run a bomb youtube channel or Instagram account where you do amazing #PlanWithMe videos, then you probably don’t love breaking out your planner and spending time on organizing it and filling it in at first. But when you don’t have the urge to want to use a planner, it’s useless. Might as well just write all your notes on a napkin and stick that in your purse honestly, because you’re never gonna look at that shit again.


What keeps you using a planner is developing a lifestyle around it; when you feel like your planner is your planner, personalized to your needs, interests, and design tastes. The beauty of the Passion Planner is it’s simplicity. The design leaves so much room for your own personality and creativity throughout the pages that it doesn’t feel like just a datebook– it feels like your go-to journal or scrapbook or even a diary. Trust me, this planner will become a meaningful part of your life– and it’s in that moment that it becomes it’s most useful.


As Pablo Picasso once said, “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.” Passion Planner definitely took that to heart.

Everything about the Passion Planner revolves around the first few pages when it asks you to build your passion roadmap– that’s the part that turns what’s literally a leather-bound book of blank pages into an integral part of your life. So don’t rush rush this part when you get to it! Feel free to leave it off for a time when you’re feeling reflective or in touch with the bigger picture of your life. And that’s when the magic starts. You see, the Passion Planner is going to work with you to make your dreams a reality.

The question for the passion roadmap asks, “If I could be anything, do anything or have anything, what would it be?” in 3 month, 1 year, 3 years, and a lifetime increments. And I mean, take a look at that question! You have the freedom to be as silly and serious about these goals as you want– but be sure to write something you actually want to act on and hold yourself accountable for during each those timeframes.

My first ever full Passion Roadmap!

Once you’ve figured out your passion roadmap, it’s like you’ve activated the backbone of your entire planner. From encouraging you to creating passion maps; to reminding you of the big picture each week; to reflecting at the end of each month– the Passion Planner helps you get all those brilliant but jumbled and chaotic thoughts out of your head and into something consistent and tangible.

I appreciate that so much about the Passion Planner because, in life, it’s easy to get bogged down with day to day assignments or issues that make us pull away or forget the big picture and what we want out of our lives. But Passion Planner wants to remind you of those plans you have for your future every step of the way, as much as possible. And in doing so, you can relieve a lot of unnecessary stress in your life and focus on what makes you feel passionate, motivated, and happy.

3. Plan it your way.

How do you plan? Do you draw boxes? Use highlighter? Put in a million sticky notes or extra to-do lists, just because you like the space? Put nothing in there except important dates? Go all out and put stickers and scrapbook paper? Be minimalistic and only write down the name of the event on the time? Have absolutely no clue?

I’m hear to tell you that contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a planning god to get a Passion Planner! Whether you’re a craft queen or just use pencil and scribble down notes wherever you go, the structure and yet versatility of the layout means you’re gonna find a way to plan that works for you! Don’t hold yourself to expectations of what a planner should look like or be and just run wild with what works for you!

One of my first ever monthly spreads!
A week with a lot of stuff to remember!

Each page has to-do lists and a space of infinite possibility– and when they say infinite, they really mean infinite. You can make lists! You can draw! You can slap some post-its on them and change them out each day (something I do if I have a lot of to-dos for a single day)! You can print out a tracker that you can get for free from the Passion Planner website and track water, finances, habits, calories, or workouts! You can even print out extra note or graph pages to stick wherever you need more space. Because the weekly layout usually goes from 6AM-10PM with 30 minute increments, if you feel you need more space, you can even print out a time extender to make your planner go a full 24 hours.

My week when I wasn’t doing anything over break, but remembered my goals and started researching summer internships!
Another typical spread. This quarter I used stickers that one of my sorority sisters sells from her Etsy store, prettypaperninja.

And I personally love the freedom! This planner gives me ample space to be creative and crafty when I want to be– sometimes I even utilize the back pages for vision boards or creative and artistic lists! (I can honestly attribute it to making me a more creative individual!)

But when it comes down to it and a week is tough, I appreciate having a pre-made format and things to fill out; rather than having to make my own layout like with a Bullet Journal. With this planner, there’s always enough space to work out my problems, make lists, and push through.

So, let me know what you think! Are you a diehard member of the #pashfam that agrees, or a loyal fan of a another planner and feel the need to make your case? Please leave me comments and suggestions in the comments below! And if you’re now curious about Passion Planner and heading to the website right now to check them out, you can type in SHIGUFA10 for 10% off any regular priced item!

In the end, I’m just a fan of feeling motivated, accomplishing goals, and achieving success– so whatever way you go about that journey, I’m proud of you! Hopefully in the future, I can take you all more into depth of how I fill out my planner (considering I just got my academic ’17-’18) and how I accomplish my goals real-time! But for now, thank you for stopping by!


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13 thoughts on “Why the Passion Planner can, and will, change your life

  1. I always like looking at other people’s planners, but I’ve never been able to stick to using one. Maybe this one would actually work for me haha.


  2. Ooo, a passion roadmap! I like that idea and this planner sounds fabulous. It is so well thought through, it should work for just about everyone.


  3. I love this idea. I’m an old school person that writes everything down on actual pen and paper so this soounds like a great idea as well. I love planning things in a creative way.


  4. 1. I’m a stationery freak
    2. I could NEVER replace my agenda with the iphone calendar. NO WAY xD

    = I really feel you 😀


  5. I’ve been on a life long quest in search of the perfect planner. One seems like a great solution for a while, and then my life changes and it doesn’t seem to fit anymore. I’ve also moved to keeping track more online, although, admittedly I miss my pencil and paper. I’m so glad you’ve found one you love! x


  6. I like it so much, I wish I could get one too, soon. I guess you are right, that it gives you more focus on your goals.


  7. This is great! I can totally relate to what you’re saying! I used to be so unorganised, I would forget what goals I had, if I had any appointments, etc! But once I started using my planner I completely changed! As you said it does change your life! it has literally become an extension of myself- it goes everywhere with me!


  8. I love other people’s planners! I definitely need something to help me tp become more organised! I’m just not quite as organised as I should be.


  9. I’m such an organization junkie – I write to do lists, stuff on calendars, random thoughts, phone numbers, etc. This looks like the perfect product for keeping everything in one place! Definitely a great idea!


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