… But I Want A Taco Bell Loaded Taco Burrito…

Taco Bell Loaded Taco Burrito (n): a mash-up of a taco and burrito; consisting of a double portion of seasoned beef plus lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, crispy red tortilla strips, sour cream, and avocado ranch wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla.

Today, I went to get a manicure/pedicure and confirmed the fact that I have never managed to sit in a nail salon for longer than an hour without going loopy. I don’t know if it’s the smell of all the different chemicals or me just being too comfortable after a nice exfoliating scrub and massage but I literally can’t stay awake as soon as the clock goes past the 60 minute mark. But today, unlike most days when me and my mom get our nails done together like a cute bonding activity and she drives me to and fro, I drove myself there and had to drive myself home. So unlike most day when I get to succumb to slumber in during my drive back, today I forced myself to stay alert and active. And so I jumped into my car and put it in drive and started thinking about topics that I was deeply curious about. And you know the first thing that came to mind?

The Loaded Taco Burrito at Taco Bell.

Yeah, honestly, I’m not sure how my brain works either– but I’ve gotta say, I’m a serious Taco Bell fan. Taco elitists can shit on me all they want for eating there as much as I do, but I can’t help it! 2 crunchy tacos can be so filling as a quick snack in between classes or on the way to work or an event– and only for $2.38? You’re a sucker to pass that up!

So obviously I’m a fan, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m open to every wacky creation of theirs with equal enthusiasm. In fact, when I stumbled upon my latest Taco Bell love, it was because my friend Zena recommended it. During our traditional pre-concert Taco Bell meal, she told me to switch my crunchy tacos for this thing called the Loaded Taco Burrito, “a taco… inside a burrito”. Because it was only $1.49 at the time, I thought it was a steal and tried it.


And let me tell you, that burrito was quite possibly the best Taco Bell creation I’ve ever had. With avocado ranch sauce instead of red sauce, crunchy little tortilla strips, just the right amount of cheese and lettuce and tomato in each mouthful– I felt like the cosmos had connected to create this perfect culinary experience. It was an edible event that I felt blessed to have received. In mine, and I’m sure Zena’s, mind at that point, nothing could surpass the taco burrito.

And then Taco Bell had the audacity to discontinue it. I’m talking gone! Unavailable! Outta here! Off the menu! d i s c o n t i n u e d! Our new favorite thing just left without so much as a goodbye!

So when I saw Zena’s message flash across my screen today as I began to start driving, I couldn’t help but think about that amazing Loaded Taco Burrito. Very specifically, how I could try it once again.

So here are a couple ways I came up with where, with a little effort, you can try the amazing Loaded Taco Burrito again for yourself.

#1: The Burrito Supreme Method

Order a Burrito Supreme from Taco Bell.
Take out the beans, onions, and red sauce.
Add in the tortilla strips for $0.25.
Add in the Avocado Ranch sauce for another $0.35.
Total: $3.54

#2: The Beefy 5 Layer Burrito Method

Order a Beefy 5 Layer Burrito from Taco Bell.
Take out the beans (keep the nacho cheese if you’re a cheese fan, get rid of it for the authenticity).
Add tomatoes for $0.30.
Add lettuce for $0.30.
Add in the tortilla strips for $0.25.
Add in the Avocado Ranch sauce for another $0.35.
Total: $3.04 + a hell of a lot more cheese (if that’s your style)

#3: The Beefy Nacho Griller Method

Order a Beefy Nacho Griller from Taco Bell.
Take out the nacho cheese if you’re going for an real Loaded Taco Burrito experience (but keep it if you’re a cheese fan).
Add reduced-fat sour cream for $0.40.
Add shredded cheese for $0.40.
Add tomatoes for $0.30.
Add lettuce for $0.30.
Add in the Avocado Ranch sauce for another $0.35.
Total: $3.39

And there you have it! There’s absolutely no excuse for you to not try a DIY Loaded Taco Burrito this instant! I tried Method #1 on that same drive home today, and honestly, it was pretty decent– but none of these is ever gonna top that old $1.49 price point, amirite?

But in other news, thanks for stopping by– and let me know if you’ve ever gone off on a crazy random thought tangent while driving or trying to distract yourself!


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