So What’s My Blog Niche?

Niche (adj): denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

Nothing has given me a bigger existential crisis than trying to figure out what my blog niche is.

I mean, that’s where all the experts say you have to start. First you find your niche– your core blogging purpose, the audience you plan to blog to, the ideas and themes you want to touch on throughout your experience– and that’s how you begin your journey to success. Because after you have your niche, you can very easily develop the perfect marketing strategy. And then after you develop your marketing strategy, you can then develop your full aesthetic– branding, consumer base, ads, affiliate links. And then you can launch; and because you’ve followed all the perfect steps you will have launched successfully and now the blogging world is your oyster and nothing can take you down!

And as a fan of order and categories, I can empathize with the idea that every blog– every person’s collection of work– should be easy to file under specific category, whether it be Lifestyle or DIY’s or Technology or Travel. It makes sense when I want to apply it to other people.

It has me fully #SHOOK when trying to apply it to me. Because honestly, I can’t wrap my around one thing that I want to tackle., the one thing that I am.

So one day, I think maybe I’ll take the direction of a lifestyle blogger– a college student lifestyle blogger specifically. And I’ll tell you about my days at college, as a political science major/creative writing minor, an English tutor, as a Pi Beta Phi, as a girl who almost sold her soul to student government, as a girl who now wants nothing to do with student government (that story is a doozy, remind me to tell it), as someone with law school aspirations, as someone who’s going to spend her entire Summer ’17 studying for the LSAT, as someone who loves all that nerdy school stationary shit like Passion Planners, and pens, and desk supplies, and journals– because sometimes, this is all I think about. That’s what makes me feel happy, motivated, and at peace.

But then there are other days– when I watch the news or feel pissed off at the way the world works– and suddenly, those topics don’t seem like enough. Then I want to talk about race, class, gender, oppression and privilege. I want to talk about all the things I learned in books and in my classes, I want to talk about globalization and sweatshop labor and discuss how the world works, and when I want to talk about those things, I feel alive. Alive, angry, passionate, and powerful– because knowledge is potential power.

And then there are other days when I’m immensely inspired and empowered by my culture! The clothes, the food, the jewelry, the customs, the history of Bangladesh, how it shaped my parents when they first came to America, how it continues to affect me everyday– those things make me feel at home, make me feel loved, make me feel as though I belong to something.

And then I suddenly want to be a book blogger! And actually, I won’t lie, I started this blog with this very idea after watching 4 hours of videos from ‘Booktubers’ on YouTube. And like I mentioned in my very first post of this new blog, I want to read a bunch of books– because books are a portal to understanding the world around you. And I want to talk about how the topics of these books are interwoven with the topics in my life. And I want to grow with each title I pick up, each chapter I get through. And I want to feel inspired and enlightened and renewed.

But then there are days when neither of those things inspire me as much as myself. And I know I sound at risk of sounding like the biggest egotistical maniac right now, but that’s okay. Sometimes all I want to think about, write about, try to piece together and understand is myself. My biggest battle in life has always been with myself– the constant collision between my ambition and dreams vs. my ability and reality. And this is absolutely 100% nothing revolutionary or poetic or profound– in fact it’s the most predictable thing to expect from a girl my age at this point in my life. But it is just a little exhausting. Because although I know I’m only just entering my 20s and although I know that I’ve experienced only 2 short decades of my hopefully long life, I just wish I had everything figured out already.

I wish I knew myself and my passions– and most importantly! My perfect blog niche!! But I don’t. In fact, all I do know is that I have a very long road to getting there.

So let me know if you’ve ever had any trouble trying to figure out your identity (or at the very least, your blog niche!) And thanks for sticking through this long existential rant.


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20 thoughts on “So What’s My Blog Niche?

  1. Oh my goodness! I absolutely loved this post because I felt as if I myself have written it (haha kinda egoistic). You did a great job with the words but what I mean is that i too had the hardest time to find my niche (still haven’t) and I’m 20 and I want to write about so much; I’m also an English tutor despite not being native English and I also almost sold my soul for the Student Government and this seemed too crazy haha because there was so much similarity. I’m definitely following your blog. Good luck and let’s hope we define our niche (or ourselves) soon. 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad you can relate! We should definitely talk about our student government woes at some point– I’m surprised (yet not surprised) by how universal they are! Thank you so much for the follow, I followed back as well! And amen, girl, here’s hoping!

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  2. At the risk of sounding really old here…be patient and your passion will emerge. You are only just starting out and you definitely have time on your side. I understand you are really keen to get out there and set the world on fire and there is nothing wrong with having great ambition. You will definitely get there although I know it feels like it’s taking forever at the moment. Often when we don’t try so hard, the solution presents itself when you are most at peace and in a state of mental reflection. Just listen to your inner voice and you will find exactly where you want to head. Great expressive post. Best wishes.

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  3. I totally get how hard it is to just focus on one thing but I wouldn’t limited yourself like that. People are not one dimensional and have so many different sides to them so it is only natural to write about all your interests. If you are a good writer, which you are, people will read your work what ever the topic.

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  4. Really well written post, and completely understandable! I think this is something every blogger struggles with at some point. I’ve run four blogs in the past, all with a different niche, and only one of which is still live. I got bored with focusing on one topic, and hated the rules I’d put on myself for them. My new blog is for anything I want to talk about, whenever I want to do it. Don’t beat yourself up about not having a niche, sometimes just being yourself is a niche and your honesty and personality will be what makes people come back!

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  5. I’ve always had troubles figuring out my niche but then I think that as a person I grow every day and my blog and content grows along with me, so topics can change over time, just like my opinions are interests.
    I on’t think that identifying your specific niche is much important as long as you’re doing what you love and you’re always honest and true to yourself.


  6. I think it’s hard to identify your blog niche sometimes, I found that others identified it for me and I found it easier to realise where I fit by looking at it through their eyes!


  7. Maybe I am mistaken but this still sounds like a lifestyle blog. Lifestyle blogs are about life. Your life. Whether it means that you need to vent about the situation of the world, or sharing something you learned from an amazing book, they all reflect you and the different aspects of you.

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  8. Some people love to pigeon-hole everything. Maybe so they can put a handle on, who knows? Be original, change the goal posts, shake it up a little 😉 As toastycritic says, it seems like “Your Lifestyle” blog. Your niche is your personality. Keep on bloggin! 👍

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  9. Frankly my dear, you sound like a Lifestyle Blogger. Welcome to the blogging category that fits well with folks who don’t want to be pigeon-holed.


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