My Journey to the Perfect Planner

Passion (n): an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.

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Planners have always been a staple in my life. Though I definitely don’t have a good track record of keeping up with them every single week, the simple act of having a planner– a space where all of my dates, to-do’s, and thoughts can found neatly bound– makes me feel organized and at ease (and we all know I’m a great fan of all things that’ll make me feel more more put together than I actually am). So when two years ago I realized that I needed to switch it up because my old planner just wasn’t doing it for me anymore, I fell into the greatest online shopping hole in my entire life. When I’m telling you that I was scouring the internet looking literally everywhere for a planner that fit I was looking for, I was legit looking everywhere. My quest for the best planner even got to the point where I asked my cousin from Australia about what kind of stationary brands they had out there in hopes that I’d find the one of my dreams across the world. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t).

And then one day I stumbled upon this website, and I’m not trying to be dramatic– but that shit changed my life.

It was the Passion Planner, a sleek faux-leather bound planner with all the necessary parts of a planner– but this one uniquely had vertical weekly layouts that completely expanded on each day. That got me interested. It was that quarter in school that I had just picked up a job as a tutor on campus where I would have 1-on-1 30 minute sessions with students to talk about their work and writing strategies. The job was great, but the scheduling and organization that came with it was not. So when I read that the Passion Planner broke every single day (from 6AM to 11PM) into 30 minute slots for the most precise kind of planning, I’m not gonna lie– I saw it as a personal sign.

But what really hooked me to this planner wasn’t the formatting or structural details of the pages (even though I have to admit, I was very hyped to see so many built in to-do lists). What really stuck with me was the concept behind the design. The Passion Planner is organized around identifying and expanding your life goals and passions. Whether it be small things like wanting to redecorate your room to big endeavors like changing your lifestyle or choosing a career path, the Passion Planner prioritizes those ambitions before all else. And that shit was exactly what I needed in planner to keep me going.

I’ve always been a ambitious and passionate human being, but what I often lack most is motivation. I have a lot of dreams and plans for myself, but literally no plan to accomplish them– and that can be super overwhelming when trying to plan ahead and get organized. The Passion Planner managed to solve the problem that many planners have of seeming impersonal and tedious by adding perspective to my day-to-day life. Because sure, I’m busy. Sure, I might have too much going on at a week. But where I would normally give up after a stressful time for a breather and relief, my end goals are always front and center through every month, every week, and every page. And that was the feature that I didn’t know I was looking for but really needed for college.

My planning style has definitely evolved over my time. I went from primarily using highlighters, to pens, to stickers and went from post-its to detailed to-do list inserts. I got inspired by features of the bullet journal method and started figuring out ways to incorporate that simplicity in between what I already have going on. And it’s okay that my planner is aesthetically super ugly half the time (though if I could be magically gifted artistic and handwriting ability, I wouldn’t complain). I fill it with doodles from when I’m bored and inspired; lists from when I can’t turn off my brain; quotes that make feel powerful–and all of that is #aestheticgoals enough. Because at the very least, my dreams and hopes for myself and my future shine through on every single page of that little sleek faux-leather bound book. And I think that’s beauty at it’s finest.

And now because I love Passion Planner so much, I have been a brand representative for the last 3 seasons! So if you have any questions about the passion planner, feel free to contact me! And if you’re interested in purchasing one, use my coupon code SHIGUFA10 for an additional 10% off! I hope you end up joining the #Pashfam!


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