The Start of Something New

Welcome to my (not so) new and (slightly) revamped blog! For the past few years, this space has been known as my ‘Collection of Works’ and I’ve uploaded a lot of my past articles, essays, pictures, stories, etc. like an online portfolio. But in all honesty, that was super boring and totally not using this space to it’s fullest potential! I mean, it’s always good to have a place full of writing samples, of course, but I’m the type of person who’s always wanting to actively share my thoughts, experiences, ideas, and opinions with the world– and here I am with a whole blog that I never even post in? So, in a stroke of inspiration (or a desire to procrastinate on my creative writing final assignment due in exactly 17 hours) I’ve decided to make this into Words With Shiggy, a space to talk about the unique and important role that words (from novels, to articles, to rants, tweets, and texts) play in shaping who I am and who I want to be.

Really cheesy, I know, but roll with it! This blog is not only a good creative weekly habit that I’m trying to force myself into, but also a peek into my thoughts throughout one of the most pivotal and life-changing years of my life. So not only is this a space for all my fellow readers, writers, planners, and creators– it’s also for my fellow college pals and grads who are also just trying to figure out what we want from the world. This is a space for all the insight I’ve accumulated, all the advice I have to share, all the questions about life that I’ll probably never get answered, but at the very least, all the words/ideas that I’ve never quite been able to fit into 140 characters.

And of course, I’m no expert at anything at all. So here’s hoping you also use this space to share what you too know. We’re all in this together, am I right? (What, one too many High School Musical references? #NoRegrets)

Thank you stopping by, and hope to hear from you throughout this journey!


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