Office Supplies Love Story

Enthusiasm (n): a thing that arouses feelings of intense and eager enjoyment.

I’m in love with the idea of office supplies.

You know how in the TV dramas when the couple we’ve been watching for episodes now finally erupts into their ultimate argument, and then finally at the climax of the moment, one of them screams out, “But you don’t love me! You love the idea of me!” Yeah, I have never related to that more than when I take a look into my relationship with office supplies.

When I was younger and everyone else’s happy place was Disneyland or Chuck E. Cheese, mine was Target and Staples. While my friends groaned about the fact that summer was too short and school would be starting in a month, I couldn’t relate from under the piles of my carefully color-coded supplies– each chosen with precision and purpose to make sure I was perfectly prepared for the year. We all know that as soon as the year actually started, I’d devolve back to my typical old habits of procrastination and disorganization.

But there is something something so promising about school supplies shopping. It gives you the hope that with a new pen and journal, you can become a whole new person. It makes you believe that with enough resources and products under your belt, you can become that studious, professional, boss-ass bitch you’ve always just pictured yourself being. It makes you think that just taking the first step of purchasing the product can in itself make a difference. It presents a simple solution to your problems; that in the fact if you buy more office supplies, you’ll be able to bring some form of order into your life and thus start to put yourself at ease.

But in reality, school supplies only do one thing– provide with you with a product! And though I’ve always known that, but yet I’ve never been able to shake or disuade the warm feeling of hope that I get when I buy my next set of pencils or a planner. Despite the fact that I know I’m just dropping bills on cutesy shit that I already have 20 of at home, there’s nothing like the feeling of bringing a new supply home to the collection– and the wild possibility that yeah, maybe this is gonna be the next game-changer.

So really, whether it was my unconscious consumption of capitalist propaganda, or a wickedly effective marketing strategy that has stuck with me since my youth, or simply an attachment developed through a notable childhood moment that I’ve just forgotten about since; I’m seriously in love with the idea of office supplies. I’m in love with the possibility for creativity, innovation, and discovery that comes with each new journal and pen– which is why I own about 30 of each.

And you know what, unlike the dramatic TV couples out there, this love isn’t hurting anyone! I’m not breaking hearts out here by picking up another pack of Pilot-G2 pens! So I remain unapologetic and steadfast in my devotion. Sure, when the illusion subsides, I’ll remember the fact that I’m a couple bucks poorer with a growing collection of resources. But perhaps one day genius and inspiration will strike. One day the creativity is going to want to pour out of me into the world. And that day I’m going to be grateful that I had a pen and paper handy.

That’s all from me, thank you for stopping by for a read!


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