What Made You Interested in Politics?

Before politics, I used to be more interested in writing. From a young age, I would write short stories and fictitious tales. As I grew older, I wanted to find a new topic to tackle and explore through writing. This was along the same time I began taking AP U.S History in high school. And, what merely started out as book learning turned into discussions in class and curiosity outside of it.

I was lucky to be surrounded by intelligent people who may not have always shared my views but would converse with me about thoughts and ideas. This led me to form my own opinions and write in my high school newspaper about my take on issues.

The majority of my friends are politically informed and as active as they can be, and I do believe it’s with their influence and the conversation we’re able to have that I’ve become as active in politics myself as I am today.

Women’s Voices Magazine Article


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