The New Generation

When I was little, my friends and I would play house house. We would each sit on one cushion of the sofa, and claim it as our house. We’d pick up our phone, which was really just our hand, and call our neighbors. In our imaginary worlds, we could be whoever we wanted to be. We could let our thoughts run wild, and nothing would tell us we couldn’t reach for the stars. We could pretend we were superheroes, or spies, even a teacher or  firefighter. Whatever we wanted to be, we could be and no one could tell us differently.
But I see that it’s all changed for this generation. The kids of today are obsessed with their electronics, rather than good times. They need to have the latest of music and the coolest of games, instead of having the best of friends. They immerse themselves in a world that they can’t truly feel or understand. A world that’s literally just a numbers game.

There is a little group of kids that I see close to every weekend; they’re family friends. Two are in the 5th grade, two in the  4th, and a few others scattered between 2nd and 1st grade, and they are all adorable. But anytime you see them, there is some kind of toy in the way. One of them carries a Nerf gun, nonstop and everywhere he goes. Another is on their iPod, playing on apps and listening to music  not talking to the others around him.  And then the other few are sitting there, mesmerized the by the television. I sit mesmerized by them.
This is the most fun part of a child’s life. When they are free to pretend, and play games and do things where nobody else will judge.  The kids of today’s generation, there time is spent on cell phones and iPod, computers and video games. And when these times are gone, they can never get them back, they’re gone forever. When the time comes for them to amuse themselves with these electronics, they’ll have a gap in their life. The time they should’ve spent building their imaginations for the future will be spent going ‘pew pew pew’ and ‘click click’.

The kids of this generation scare me. They make me believe that one day there’s going to be a group of kids who end up having no thoughts for their own. Just thoughts that are implanted in their heads from movies, telelvision, and the internet. Society will come to a screeching halt when creativity is dead, and there will be no way to revive it.


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