Green and Red

There’s always a time of festivity when the colors green and red are everywhere. When everyone is wearing this trademark color, and decking the halls with lights and ornaments. Everyone identifies these colors with Christmas. When people see a green and red sweater, they automatically think, “Oh, It’s all Christmas themed!” And when people see a house decoration of this type, they think, “Wow, getting ready for Christmas early, I see?” Well when I see these to colors, I see something different.

I see a struggle. I see a fight where someone fought for what they believed in. I see culture. When I look deep, I see family and friends. I see wonderful memories for years to come. I see something that I couldn’t be prouder to be a part off. I see my roots, my heritage, my homeland. I see my country, Bangladesh.
Bangladesh is one of those little countries that people who live in global superpowers really don’t care about. It’s a tiny little thing right next to India, but it’s been through so much. It was the country that created International Mother Language Day, when it fought to keep its own language against the will of Pakistan. They had fought hard in a 9 month war for independence with Pakistan, as well, where over 3 million innocent lives died and many of the the ‘freedom fighters’, the ones who relentlessly fought to get independence, had seen their last sight on the battle field.
Whenever we talk about American/European wars, I can’t relate. Others in my classes can- they might’ve had a relative or someone who fought it some war we’re learning about. But I can’t imagine a war. Even with pictures of the battlefield and the people and the guns, I can’t imagine an American/European war. But I can imagine the Bangladeshi wars.

My parents told me stories. My mom of how they had to stay in a little house underground with all the lights off, and even though she was a baby, she couldn’t cry because people outside would hear them. My dad tell me of how they would have to run from one place to another; to escape… to hide.

After all this fighting, all this terror and all of this war, Bangladesh did prevail.  The flag was created, green with a red dot. The green represented the greenery and beauty of Bangladesh, as well as the youth and vitality of it as a nation. The red? It symbolized the blood, the sacrifices the people went through to gain independence. These colors that people always associate with something else mean a lot to me. They represent my ethnic roots and my heritage, as well as the strength and perseverance of the people of my country. They show me to fight for what I believe in, and to remember that I came from a strong and amazing people. I am from Bangladesh, with their green and red flag flying high in the air, and I am extremely proud.


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