Healthcare at Centennial

As the economy takes its toll on America, Centennial offers their students a chance at healthcare.

Even though the economy is slowly rising out of the dumps it was in before, it has still deeply affected America. Many people are having trouble paying their bills, are unemployed, or are losing their homes. Another one of the few big problems is healthcare. Health insurance, by definition, is a term commonly used in the U.S. to describe any program that helps pay for medical expenses, whether through privately purchased insurance, social insurance, or a non-insurance social welfare program funded by the government. Throughout the years, there have been many options for health insurance, and sometimes it is provided by employers. However, many people in America still go uninsured. In 2000, 13% of the U.S. population didn’t have sufficient health care, and now it’s more than 16.3%.

That is more than 16.3% of people in America who can’t go to the dentist when they have a cavity. That is more than 16.3% of people who can’t get a check up when they have a fever. That is more than 16.3% of people who can’t go to the eye doctor when they are unable to see things clearly from far away. Now, what can we do about this?

Centennial has decided to help by launching Project I.N.S.U.R.E. This project is all about making sure every student has affordable health care. You can fill out an application to see if you qualify for Healthy Families Medi-Cal for the Children Inland Empire Health Plan. The Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) combines medical, dental, and vision coverage for one person under one health care plan for about $4-$24 for one month. There are also very small co-pays, about $5-$10 for each doctor and dental visit, eye exam, or prescription.

After filling out the application mentioned before, you will be assisted in perfecting your health care plan and be on your way to getting affordable and necessary health care coverage. You can call (951) 736-4636 for an appointment in CNUSD, or (888) 322-6718 for IEHP themselves. Go to for more info.


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