“Mom, Where’s my iPhone?”

Imagine helping out with elementary school kids. They are young, they are cute, and they are just getting ready to go to recess. You are pretty excited too, because you get to play with all of them on the playground equipment that you haven’t touched in a long time. You are pretty darn excited, and right as you are about help a little kid on the swing, they stop and say, “HOLD MY CELL PHONE!”

I admit, cell phones are important and useful tools. You can easily communicate, and use them in emergencies. For those who are independent, cell phones are very helpful. But what about those kids who have an adult or someone older with them almost all of them time? What about the kids in elementary school who have teachers, older siblings, and parents to ask for their every need? In that case, what is a cell phone useful for?

In my life, cell phones were like a rite of passage. It was the moment I knew my parents trusted me. Now, it’s almost as if these devices have become toys for kids to play with for their own amusement. Even throughout high school, seniors and beyond, on average, have gotten their phones a bit later in life than the freshman class. It depends on the person’s individual situation, like their independence and their parent’s willingness, but generally, the age limit for technology is being lowered every generation.

In the end, kids should be innocent and carefree, and should be able to swing on a swing set without having to worry about phones and other technological devices falling out of their pockets. I still believe that cell phone should be a milestone in a child’s life that shouldn’t approach too early.


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